HEPA Rated Air Filtration System  
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Extrusion and Injection molding cleaning operations there is a quantity of smoke and fumes that may need to be removed depending on the customers needs and expectations as well as local regulations. With a Fluidized Temperature Bath the waste is in the form of smoke, particulate and fumes which occurs due to Pyrolysis. This waste can be easily removed from the exhaust stream by the model DCS2500 Air Filtration system which is shown and detailed in the image to the right and in the product brochure below.
    In manufacturing plants where an exhaust system is already in place to capture smoke and fumes from Extruders, other operations and the tool room, a filtration system may not be required. If one is necessary our system will remove smoke, particulate and fumes while reducing odor from the exhaust stream allowing the filtered air to be vented directly outside or into the plant exhaust stack. The system can be ordered in a vertical or horizontal configuration. It has an initial section with a mist impinger to capture condensing polymer oil mist, the next section is the Merv 11 Pre-filter and then the HEPA filter. The final section contains canisters filled with activated carbon for odor reduction. All filters and activated carbon can be purchased on the open market as they are common industry sizes or we would be happy to supply them.
   Download the brochure for full system details.
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Inlet Plenum size  8" OD
System air flow rate, SCFM 1000
Filter details 4 stage with easy side access
Oil mist impinger collects polymer oil mist from exhaust stream, byproduct of Pyrolysis
Filter 1st stage 4" disposable Merv rated prefilter
Filter 2nd stage Primary barrier HEPA 99.99% removal down to 0.3 micron in a lever lock sealed housing
Filter 3rd and 4th stage
Two canisters each containing 45 pounds of refillable activated carbon.
Catalog # ATS1036
Plumbing diagram for connection to Fluidized Temperature Bath. diagram__3_system_layout2.pdf
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Vertical or horizontal configuration
Interconnecting plumbing, fitting, damper and bleed in valve can be purchased from www.ductincorporated.com
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